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Mississauga, Ontario.

A-four-S Consulting is a student initiative that provides clients with advice on content management, social media strategies, website development, and market research. Our focus in on nurturing the trust of our clients by supplying creative and innovative solutions, and facilitating collaborative problem solving.

A-four-S holds its expertise in research, visual graphics, web design and communication writing, all with a tender focus on social media. We help our clients make lasting enhancements, while recognizing their needs and goals.


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The Team

Contrasting skills that compliment each other

Amrita Maharaj

Team Leader
HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and Research

Alex Carducci

Graphic Designer, Video Production, and HTML/CSS

Amanpreet Bains

Researcher and Writer

Afifah Javaid

Team Organization, Research, and Writing

Sheeraz Ahmed

Team Graphic Designer